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Looking for a narrower waistline, a fitter appearance, slimmer abdominal contours? A Tummy Tuck may be the answer you’re looking for. Contact us today for a consultation appointment.


Tummy Tuck Albuquerque

Have you been considering a tummy tuck? Have you been searching your phone for a “tummy tuck near me,” wondering if this technique might be a good option for you? If you're dissatisfied with the appearance of your waistline because of the excess, sagging skin, or the ever-present paunch despite dieting and exercise, you may be an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck procedure!

At Tummy Tuck Albuquerque, we offer Tummy Tuck for women and men performed by our board certified plastic surgeons. Contact us today for a consultation appointment and find out if this is the answer you’ve been looking for.


About Tummy Tuck Albuquerque NM

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It’s important to understand that sometimes exercise regimens and weight loss, while a great idea and highly beneficial to a healthy lifestyle, will not always deliver the desired results you’re working for. Especially if those results are around your midsection, which is one the most difficult areas to target.

Albuquerque Tummy Tuck is experienced in the evolution of the waistline and we know why people sometimes need an extra boost to achieve the desired results of a slim, smooth abdomen. Due to aging, genetics, significant weight fluctuations or multiple pregnancies, the abdominal skin can become stretched and lax and unable to shrink back to normal proportions.

Abdominal muscles can become weakened or even separated and cannot heal by themselves, but rather, need to be repaired. So sometimes your best intentions are simply not enough. Skip the frustration, put away the embarrassment, let Albuquerque Abdominoplasty walk you through the process to a slimmer, trimmer abdomen that you can feel great about.

Don’t settle for some cheap tummy tuck Albuquerque. Seeking the best tummy tuck doctor in Albuquerque will bring you the safest, most satisfying results. Accredited, board-certified plastic surgeons with both experience and expertise have been serving Albuquerque and her surrounding areas for many years and are why Tummy Tuck Albuquerque knows we can improve your appearance and give you a whole new outlook. The best tummy tuck in Albuquerque is just a phone call away, contact us today!

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Why Choose Us?

An Abdominoplasty Albuquerque procedure can improve your abdominal area in numerous ways:

  • By tightening and removing excess, loose skin and fat
  • By removing some and reducing the appearance of stretch marks
  • By flattening and firming a protruding stomach
  • By sculpting the waistline
  • By repairing weakened or separated abdominal muscles
  • By repositioning the navel in a natural way

If these are improvements you would like to have, you should choose Abdominoplasty Albuquerque! Our mission is to build on the hard work you’ve already achieved and bring you the beautiful, desired results that will bring you satisfaction and an improved self confidence.

Finding the best tummy tuck surgeon in Albuquerque is key to bringing those desired results from dream to reality. Albuquerque Tummy Tuck uses all the latest techniques and technology to produce a toned, firm, slim abdomen and a beautifully contoured profile that will look great under form fitting clothes as well as in a swimsuit.

We offer board-certified plastic surgeons who take the time to listen and understand your goals and explain the ins and outs of what an abdominoplasty procedure can and cannot do, what other procedures might help you achieve a more dramatic improvement, and how you can be an ideal candidate for the surgery.

A safe, caring environment, with a friendly, competent staff and an excellent surgical team is something that has taken years to develop. You can be assured of our skill and care as you embark on this exciting journey. We’re waiting for your call.

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What To Expect?

Some things to consider when you’re wondering if you’re a good candidate are:

  • You feel dissatisfied with the appearance of your midsection
  • You have been unable to lose the fat or sagging skin, or the protruding bulge, in spite of your diet and exercise routine
  • You are in good health
  • You are a non-smoker
  • You are at, or close to your goal weight
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You understand both the benefits and risk factors of surgery
  • You are considering this procedure for your own happiness and satisfaction

These things and many more will be discussed and decided at your consultation. Your surgeon will help you determine what is realistically achievable and which procedure(s) would be best suited to your desired outcome.

A detailed outline will be drawn up so you know exactly what to expect and how long it will take and have an idea of the tummy tuck recovery time. Abdominoplasty cost and other fees will be outlined and payment or financing options will be given so that you can work within the limits of your budgetary constraints. We encourage you to ask questions, the more you know and understand, the more satisfying your results will be.

Most generally, this is an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. The length of the surgery will depend on which procedure(s) you and your surgeon determined will deliver the desired results, but it will take approximately 2-5 hours.

A number of things happen during the surgery, but generally speaking, incisions are made and excess fat and skin are removed, abdominal muscles are tightened or repaired and the belly button may be repositioned to a more natural looking state. The incisions are made low in the abdomen so the scars can usually be hidden under a swimsuit or underwear.

Recovery times vary, but it is usually recommended that gentle walking is started within a day, even though you’re swollen and sore and you are unable to stand up straight, because it’s important to get the blood flowing to aid in healing and reduce risks of blood clots. Most people are able to return to light duty or perhaps a desk job in approximately 2 weeks. Strenuous or manual labor jobs, any heavy lifting or vigorous exercise should be avoided for as much as 6 weeks giving the abdominal muscles time to heal.


Our Services

Albuquerque Abdominoplasty can be life-changing for some patients. The improvements can be so satisfying on their own and when coupled with other procedures can be even more dramatic. When a healthy, active lifestyle is continued, the effects of the tummy tuck procedure can be very long lasting and only decline due to the natural aging process.

The tummy tuck procedures we offer include:

albuquerque tummy tuck options

Mini Tummy Tuck

Mini Tummy Tuck Albuquerque is specifically for patients who are in great physical shape with the exception of the lower abdominal area that has a pooch or loose, hanging skin. A mini abdominoplasty focuses exclusively on the area below the navel and requires a smaller incision, leaving a smaller scar.

Full Tummy Tuck

The full tummy tuck is probably the most common and focuses on both the upper and lower abdomen. It consists of an incision just above the pubic bone along the lower abdomen and stretches from hip to hip and around the navel (belly button). Excess, loose skin and stubborn fat deposits are removed, which may include stretch marks, and weakened abdominal muscles are tightened and restored. The navel is repositioned over the abdominal area in a natural looking way.

Extended Tummy Tuck

Obviously, the name implies that a more extensive area will be covered in the extended tummy tuck. This procedure extends to the hips and flanks as well as the abdominals and requires a longer incision and perhaps a little longer recovery, but it does deliver more dramatic improvements.

albuquerque male tummy tuck

Male Tummy Tuck

Men may not suffer from the after effects of multiple pregnancies, but if you have a protruding stomach bulge or are dissatisfied with your saggy midsection, a stomach tuck is an appropriate option to look into for you! Give us a call and let’s talk!

Service Area

About Albuquerque NM

Albuquerque, NM may be best known for the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta or possibly as the setting for the hit show “Breaking Bad.” This metropolitan area is culturally rich and breathtakingly beautiful. Located at the crossroads of New Mexico’s major highways, I-40 and I-25, the city attracts new residents with its artistic atmosphere and thriving economy.

From art galleries in Old Town to the historic Native American sites peppered throughout the region, residents have plenty to do and see. Popular with families are the Albuquerque BioPark’s zoo, gardens and aquarium. Tame by big-city comparison, the city has a thriving culinary scene, featuring local red and green chile peppers, not to mention nationally recognized breweries and wineries.

Hiking, biking and skiing in the Sandia Mountains bordering the metro area to the east keeps the outdoor enthusiasts busy year round, along with the Rio Grande River flowing through the center of the city being a haven for kayakers.

From local boutiques to major retailers, Albuquerque offers a wide array of shopping options. Still sporting the neon signs of it’s Route 66 days, sits Nob Hill, now filled with locally owned shops and eateries.

Surrounding suburbs include:

  • Rio Rancho
  • Los Lunas
  • North Valley
  • Corrales
  • Los Ranchos de Albuquerque
  • Paradise Hills
  • Placitas
  • Sandia Heights
  • Carnuel
  • And many other surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is abdominoplasty?

What is a tummy tuck? Yep, it’s one in the same. Abdominoplasty is the medical term for the very popular tummy tuck procedure. Simply put, this is a body contouring surgery to remove sagging, excess skin and stubborn fat deposits from the abdomen and restoring stretched or separated abdominal muscles delivering a slimmer, firmer, more flattering profile.

How much is a tummy tuck in Albuquerque?

Depending on the extent of the surgery needed to restore and repair your midsection to the desired result, tummy tuck prices will vary. An accurate quote for tummy tuck cost Albuquerque can be given after a consultation to help determine your goals and what will achieve them. Albuquerque Tummy Tuck offers financing or payment options to help keep the tummy tuck costs affordable.

What kind of scarring can I expect from a tummy tuck procedure?

Incisions vary based on which surgical technique is employed, but we use the smallest incisions possible to limit the visibility of your scarring. Generally the incision is made very low on the abdomen, just above the pubic bone and can be easily hidden with a swimsuit or undergarments. Another incision may be made through the belly button and is rarely noticeable. Adhering to your scar management instructions after the surgery will be important in reducing the appearance of scars and helping them to heal properly.

Can I still get pregnant after my tummy tuck?

It is highly recommended that women finish having children before opting for abdominoplasty. While it would certainly be possible to have another baby, the effects of the pregnancy will most likely reverse the effects of the tummy tuck and it would need to be done again.

Customer Testimonials

Tummy Tuck Reviews


I can’t lie, the recovery was more painful than I expected, but really that is my only complaint. The surgeon and his staff were awesome, so caring and kind. And the results are amazing! I would definitely go through the 2-3 weeks of discomfort following the surgery and then still needing to take things slow for another 2-3 weeks to have the satisfying feeling of liking what I see when I look in the mirror now. Thanks so much!

Michelle T.


This was a big decision that I went back and forth on for quite awhile before I finally just decided to go for it. Getting things arranged at work so that I would be sure I had plenty of recovery time, because I didn’t want to mess it up after going through it, was a little tricky, but once I got my ducks in a row and had the surgery, I’m never going to regret it. Best money I ever spent.

Tim M.


I’m just giddy...like a kid at Christmas! I love the results and I love the people who helped me through this process! Such a great surgical team and such a great office staff...and my surgeon was amazing! I so recommend this procedure and the whole team! Thanks guys!

Bailey G.

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Serving in this industry for years and in the Albuquerque area in particular, Tummy Tuck Albuquerque has the experience, skill and artistry to help you achieve beautiful, dramatic results that will last.

You don’t have to wish or dream for smooth, firm, toned abdominals or a slim, narrow waist, it can be a reality.

Don’t settle for it being as good as it’s going to get as you realize that dieting and exercising are unable to repair the stretched skin and separated abdominal muscles, give us a call and let’s talk about what can happen in a relatively short amount of time.

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