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I can’t lie, the recovery was more painful than I expected, but really that is my only complaint. The surgeon and his staff were awesome, so caring and kind. And the results are amazing! I would definitely go through the 2-3 weeks of discomfort following the surgery and then still needing to take things slow for another 2-3 weeks to have the satisfying feeling of liking what I see when I look in the mirror now. Thanks so much!

Michelle T.


This was a big decision that I went back and forth on for quite awhile before I finally just decided to go for it. Getting things arranged at work so that I would be sure I had plenty of recovery time, because I didn’t want to mess it up after going through it, was a little tricky, but once I got my ducks in a row and had the surgery, I’m never going to regret it. Best money I ever spent.

Tim M.


I’m just giddy...like a kid at Christmas! I love the results and I love the people who helped me through this process! Such a great surgical team and such a great office staff...and my surgeon was amazing! I so recommend this procedure and the whole team! Thanks guys!

Bailey G.

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